John 15

April 19, 2020

NO. 48 Fruitful Trees. Based on the text in John 15:1-5, where Jesus describes himself as a vine and us as fruit barring branches if we remain in him. I imagined this lush garden with an abundance of fruit that overwhelms the path that leads to the light.
This painting is part of a larger body of 52 works called Trees of the Book. In this collection, I set out to visually interpret texts about trees found in Scripture. Since many of us live or work primarily in cities, we may tend to forget that trees once served a more significant role in our existence. Scripture demonstrates how God used trees to provide his people with beauty, shelter, protection, and food, as well as resources for energy, construction, and medicine. These breathing, silent witnesses, rich in meaning and symbolism, have been around for thousands of years, keeping our world safe.